Hey! I'm Rebecca and I'm loving that you're here!

(Seriously- I know the mom-thing takes up so much of your time - but really this is so worth it, promise!

So, wanna see if we mesh? Scoll on, sister...

I'm all about saving you time, so let's do a quick Q&A, shall we?

Who are you?

Thanks for asking! I’m a mother of three amazing little monkeys and I’m a holistic movement expert (basically, I know a ton about how the human body does and should move). I’m also that girl that barely goes a day without going upside down and the one sitting on the floor or standing when everyone else is in chairs.
As a kid I thought I was restless – I hated being confined by chairs and moved constantly, dancing and tumbling around. My parents didn’t stress physical activity. I watched my older relatives all deteriorate to the point walking was difficult. I knew that it didn’t have to be that way and vowed I’d keep moving.
Professionally. . .
I spent almost 20 years coaching gymnastics, directing gyms, creating programs, and training other coaches. Working in schools, gyms, and on my own, I’ve taught thousands of people (babies to adults) gymnastics, dance, choreography, and physical education. 
My professional training includes kinesiology, yoga, stretching, cranial sacral therapy, and gross motor development.
I helped kids with developmental delays progress in areas their physical therapist had given up and helped many moms improve their infant’s mobility, reducing common discomforts.
Personally. . .
As a mother, I’ve gotten good at saying no to expert’s recommendations when they don’t align with my intuition or research. I’m huge on being my children’s advocate through unassisted birth, creating an environment that’s conducive to movement, and nurturing their innate agility.
For the last few years I’ve been a nomad, searching for the perfect natural environment. I currently live in Mexico, where we walk barefoot everywhere and swim in the ocean year-round (but we’re all missing trees so if you have a cool forest place you think we should go next, hit me up!).

What is Innate Moves?

I created Innate Moves to help you prevent chronic illness in your family. There’s a huge lack of correct info (or help) on physical activity out there and, quite frankly, it pisses me off.
There’s plenty of websites you can visit to get workout plans and advice to put your child in sports for exercise, but that’s not what this is. Here, I make physical activity sustainable, fun, and part of your life. I’ll show you how to change your surroundings to suit your movement style and how to encourage a life-long love of agility in your child (without gyms or sports clubs).
There’s a lot of information about gymnastics on here too. Not everyone will be into it, but I do recommend gymnastics activities for all young kids. Not in the sport form, but natural form, like stretching, rotating, and hanging. 
This is not a place to find specific workouts. It’s not a place where I’ll feed you some BS about how much you need to exercise to lose weight for the summer. 

Why should I care?

What’s more important than our health and the health of our children?
Mindful movement is the best way to prevent disease, obesity, and mental illness. Yeah-that’s a pretty bold statement, but I’ve studied this stuff for years and I’m confident it’s true (and research backs it up).
It’s so hard to sort through all of the “expert’s” recommendations on how to raise your kids. It’s like they’re all trying to get us to second-guess our innate knowledge. But you’re not falling for it, are you? That’s why you’re here. You know there’s an easier, more natural way, to keep your family healthy, active, and confident. You know YOU are the real expert when it comes to your body and your children.
I’m giving you the tools now to help your child move more innately. That’s huge. That’s a life of being healthy, fit, agile, strong, confident, and happy. And it’s totally easy!

OK, so I get that movement is vital to my family’s health, but I’m too busy to workout – much less get my kids off the couch! What do I do?

I hear ya, Mama! There’s so much more importance placed on reading and math that even schools have dropped recess and P.E. Eating “right” and saving time are prioritized over physical activity.
Instead, we’re taught to go to the gym to workout, enroll kids in sports to get their exercise, and use machines to help rush life along.
So, what if we made regular movement a part of life? I want to help you learn to easily increase the quality of your kid’s (and your) movements. (Don’t worry, this isn’t just me telling you to take the stairs instead of the elevator, I value your time too much).

I like what I’m hearing, where do I start?

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