Hi, I’m Rebecca, a Mindful Movement Educator. I’m here to empower you to take charge of your family’s health!


I was inspired to create Innate Moves from my love of natural movement. It fascinates me how we are able to use our bodies and how dramatically our culture influences our movements.

I grew up thinking I was restless. I always needed to change positions and always hated chairs. Of course, you aren’t supposed to sit cross-legged – or with your feet up in chairs at all (absurdity!)- and I always felt confined by that.

I never had role models or family members that believed physical fitness was important. I watched my older family members deteriorate to the point walking was difficult. At a young age I vowed to myself to never stop moving – to never get to the point I couldn’t move around with my kids.




After college, I turned my passion into my career. I directed several gyms, trained multiple instructors, and coached thousands of kids – and learned a lot!

Having kids opened up a whole new world of movement for me – natural movement.¬† I started walking, and even running, barefoot and sold my weights. I studied yoga and natural forms of movement and gave up my furniture and beds. I convinced my family to sell our house and move out of our city – even our country! Now we live in a tiny beach town where I can walk barefoot everywhere and swim in the ocean and play in the sand daily and don’t need a car.

I know what you’re thinking – I went crazy.¬† Yeah, I suppose I kind of did (but, hey I’m the one living on the beach)! I am just that passionate for natural movement that it’s worth it for me to change my surroundings to accommodate it. Mostly for my children – I want them to grow up with the agility that is innately found in all of us.

Every exercise I do, I like. I enjoy every minute of working out or I don’t do it. I’m strong, flexible, and agile and not stopping anytime soon!

Being mindful about movement leaked into all aspects of my life. Being physically strong creates inner strength to take control of your life and manifest what is right for you!

As a DIYer, instead of relying on “experts” to tell me what’s best for myself and my children, I rely on my intuition and research. I’m the expert when it comes to my children and myself – no one else! And, guess what? You’re the expert for your body and your children. Never let anyone tell you otherwise!

Now I want to help you change too, but don’t worry, no one has to take it as far as I did! There are so many little things you can do to reclaim your, or your child’s, natural fitness. Are you ready to re-think fitness?

a little about natural gymnastics

My goal of this site and my videos is to make gymnastics more accessible to everyone. Natural gymnastics differs in the sport of gymnastics in that it is not nearly as disciplined and is more geared to the individual. It’s a lot of fun to learn at home – and much cheaper!

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a little about primal fitness

I believe we were born to move. I also believe the casts of modern society create movements we were not designed for, taking away from our innate abilities. By being more mindful of our surroundings and habits our bodies can be returned to a more productive state.

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