Gymnastics at Home

Why Learn Gymnastics at Home

Gymnastics is widely known as a sport, but gymnastics is also about a dynamic way to move your body. Natural gymnastics at home explores the body’s innate abilities and can be started at any age and any level.  Learning gymnastics at home gives you the freedom to practice at your own pace and without the crutch of spring floors, mats, and other equipment.  Plus, it’s more sustainable.

Try this gymnastics warm-up video if whether your new, just getting back into it, or need a better warm-up for your home gymnastics practice.

By incorporating gymnastics into your (or your kid’s) life, instead of, say, a couple of lessons a week at a gym, your body gets used to the gymnastics mindset and you realize it’s more than a workout. Gymnastics is energizing and empowering. It clears my mind (not to mention sinuses!).  Practicing gymnastics at home you can find freedom in your body to make movements work best for you. It can easily be intermingled with yoga or dancing to create a fun and personalized hobby (that doubles as an excellent workout!).

Gymnastics for Beginners

Anyone can start a gymnastics training program! Whether your goal is to become more naturally fit, stronger, more flexible, or to just have fun, natural gymnastics workouts can help you. I urge you to always listen to your body and practice your gymnastics when you’re feeling willing and able to, don’t push yourself if you are already tired.

For kids, don’t push them or they will grow to hate it.  Make it fun, put on these videos and let them play along.  Introducing fun mats or equipment for them will encourage them to move their bodies in different ways.  Keeping open floor space and hanging space helps everyone in the family easily move more.

Gymnastics For Every Age

Babies are known for their range of movement.  They are also strong and have some intense grips!  If we encourage these innate abilities they can keep, and grow them.

But we usually don’t and, by childhood, most kids already show signs of diminishing flexibility and strength.  I used to have kids in classes that could barely hold a bar!  Our bodies lose what we don’t practice and most of our gymnastics innate abilities are gone by late childhood if we don’t use them.  By the time the average American reaches adulthood, our body is so limited in its range of motion and innate strengths that it takes more work to get it into a gymnastics body.

Making lifestyle changes to move more naturally and incorporate a regular gymnastics routine will both be needed.  It’s never too late to begin gymnastics and regain your innate ability read more about gymnastics for adult beginners here.  For your little ones, giving them the gift of gymnastics in their life is easy – check out tips for infants and toddlers or kids.