Kids Gymnastics at Home

Kids Gymnastics

Although the sport of gymnastics is popular and several gyms exist, there is still not adequate accessibility for kids gymnastics classes. 

Most gyms are extremely expensive, often costing over $15 for each class.  The cheaper programs (generally city programs) often can’t pay for training for instructors.

Gyms are also notorious for hiring young coaches, assuming that if they have gymnastics experience they must know how to teach. It generally results in extremely unsafe teaching and very little knowledge of how to progress skills safely.

Another issue with gyms is that they teach gymnastics as a sport.  The competitive sport of gymnastics has its place, but certainly not in most kids’ lives.

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Learning at Home

Whether a supplement to kids gymnastics class or as a substitute, kids can most certainly learn gymnastics at home! In fact, I have seen many kids come to a gym class for the first time already able to do more skills than their classmates, simply because they are comfortable exploring it on their own.  Some kids have a natural love for gymnastics, and others don't.

Don't write off a lack of confidence as your child not liking gymnastics. They may just be intimidated to move their body in ways they aren't used to moving.  Lack of confidence is, in fact, a great reason for your child to learn about gymnastics at home. They can move at their own pace and not compare themselves to others.

Start by introducing some videos (coming soon!) to them and see if they're interested. Take it a step further by asking them at other times to show you some of the things they learned from the videos and hopefully they will notice they can practice themselves too!

Younger kids aren't the only ones that will benefit from these Toddler Gymnastics Skills to Try at Home.


Gymnastics Videos For Kids

(Coming Soon!) Gymnastics videos for kids make it easy for every kid to learn gymnastics at home.  Learning at home can also be more comfortable and shows kids they can do it anywhere, not just on heavily padded spring floors or bars adjusted just to their height.  For kids that are uncomfortable with competition, learning at home allows them to focus on their own bodies instead of comparing themselves to others. Most kids love to challenge their bodies by moving in different ways. Videos will give them more ideas of how they can move and the safe ways to practice gymnastics tricks at home.

Creating Space

Encouraging children to see gymnastics as a fun way to move their body is not hard.   Kids have an innate desire to move. When we provide them with the instruction and the right environment they are free to discover all the different things their bodies can do.  Creating an environment that encourages movement can be tricky but is necessary for a child's proper motor development.

Let kids be outside as much as possible, in big open spaces like fields, and in spaces with obstacles such as trees, mountains, and streams. Indoors, space can be made by removing couches and chairs and other furniture and obstacles can be made with all sorts of common objects.

Don't forget to utilize wall and ceiling space as well, for hanging and climbing. Read about gymnastics toys and equipment that can help create an active environment here.


Kids Gymnastics at Home


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