Baby Gymnastics Activities You Can Begin at Birth!

baby gymnastics

When To Start Baby Gymnastics

Baby gymnastics starts before birth! Babies are incredibly mobile in the womb and love to continue moving and wiggling around after being born. Putting babies in different positions strengthens and stretches their bodies, creating a foundation for a physically healthy child. The utilization of gymnastics toys can enhance the fun and learning of activities for babies.


Baby Activities

There are several baby and toddler gymnastics activities you can do at home that are fun and beneficial for a young body!

Upside Down

Most infants were upside down in the womb before being born, yet parents are often scared to put their newborns in the position.  Helping babies into an upside down position helps drain their sinuses and can give them a nice spinal adjustment!


Helping stretch a baby by gently moving body parts out of their normal range of motion can improve flexibility and comfort.

Motor development

Practicing fine and gross motor skills with babies are a fun way to interact while setting up a solid foundation for them to progress on their own. Baby exercises increase strength, awareness, and coordination to help them move through milestones.


Rotating different angles can really help an infant develop proprioception. Rotating helps the lymphatic system and can help clear sinus cavities. It’s also a lot of fun!


Newborns are born with a grip reflex that is lost just a few months after birth. Continuing to encourage babies to grasp items will keep the grip strength, helping them to hang safely, which is a fundamental skill for humans.

baby hanging

Toddler Activities

Around walking age, children can handle more activities on their own, even preforming gymnastics skills. Toddlers love to mimic you, especially in fun activities like jumping, running, and other gross motor activities. This is a great age to keep up with their natural flexibility from infancy and develop more strength and coordination to help them through all of their childhood adventures!  Check out my post on 3 Toddler gymnastics skills you can try at home! Read more about gymnastics for kids if you have very a very mobile toddler.


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